Why do people betray?

Betrayal is probably one of the most horrific words for a human being. Just a minute ago you were smiling considered yourself to be happy and successful – and everything is gone now. That’s how the one who was just betrayed feels. Something changes. For a short period of time emptiness appears inside. The anger comes followed by a state of sulking and the desire for revenge. Multiple advises from friends, acquaintances, and psychologists on how to forget or forgive a betrayer follow. I offer you to look at the betrayal not from the point of view of removal of pain, but to investigate the mechanisms of how betrayal appears.

To sin is not to love yourself holistically

What is a sin? Smoking is bad for your health; therefore it is a sin. Marijuana is bad for your health; therefore it is also a sin. Too much alcohol is bad for your health. That’s another sin. A sin is a breach of certain norms of human behavior. I offer you to look at it from another point of view. A sin is a consequence of self-blame. The only real sin is unawareness. What people usually define as a sin, happens to be just another side of duality, opposite to a side that is called goodness.

What is love? Part two

— Two human beings meet each other, fall in love, years pass and love passes, but they don’t want to part. Why?

— That’s a very interesting moment: love passes. This topic is really important. People go to different fortune-tellers and sorcerers asking for love potions, etc.  

For example, a woman may want a certain man to be with her and she pays money for it. It’s not important for him. He is actually interested in another woman, but she wants him.  So, she goes to a sorcerer and asks for a love potion. If both do not want this relationship, why attract it at all? So, one wants it and another does not. 

A human being is an electromagnetic being

The separation of consciousness and sub-consciousness is the attribute of three-dimensional reality. If you are not neutral toward positive and negative sides of your consciousness, your life will be similar to a magnet, attracted or repelled to different sides of duality. Everyone has his or her own traumas, as we call it here, in relationship to this, or blocking of the second, subconscious side.

Consciously, I think I should love. When I suddenly feel hate, I get horrified. In reality, this is just the interaction between two opposite sides. One can see and start to manage it only by transferring to a different reality of consciousness, to the next level of consciousness. 

What is love?

Good morning, Dear reader!

We are going to discuss a very curious subject today – love. What is it? Is it a sexual attraction, a melancholy about someone, a desire for someone to be well? Is all of this love?

Love, from the point of view of holistic vision – is a force attracting two people for a lesson to be experienced together. Each one of the lovers sees in his lover a number of qualities that are pleasant for him and for which he loves his partner.

So, what kind of lessons are we attracted to and come here for? Do we understand what kind of lessons they are? Why do we get them? Who assigned them?